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DeleteOnClick is a tool that allows you to remove computer’s file and data safely. Particularly, DeleteOnClick can remove data files and leave data unable to be restores with any restoring software.

You may erase data files with Windows’ queries frequently but you never be able to remove them completely and anyone who owns restoring software can take deleted data back. As a result, your personal and important dada can be leaked. DeleteOnClick is truly the solution for all your troubles. This tool allows you to erase files in hard drive with no ability of restoring.

DeleteOnClick is a powerful, reliable and safe produced tool to erase data files. Thank to DeleteOnClick, you can arrange space on hard drive, USB flash disk, memory card, portable devices etc. you just click your right cursor to files and erase them. Advanced algorithms are applied to write on data files, change files’ name or criteria so that no software can restore files. As a result, you should be careful while utilizing this software unless you erase important files or dat.

DeleteOnClick has a simple and intuitive GUI, that program is suitable with all end users by simple clicks. Its high data-cleaning speed also saves your time and effort. Furthermore, you can set up password to protect it, prevent evildoers breaking in.

DeleteOnClick’s main features:

- Eliminate entire data files efficiently.
- Erase data files permanently with no ability of restoring.
- Clean up space on hard drive, USB flash disk, memory card, portable devices, etc.
- Own a simple and intuitive GUI, easy for users to utilize.
- Allow users set up password to protect and prevent software from breaking in.
- Run file-cleaning feature at high speed, thus save maximum time and effort.

Updated date: 10/24/2013

Free Download DeleteOnClick
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