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DeskPDF Professional is a software that allows users to make PDF formats accepted by Adobe Reader. It is compatible to over 250 different applications, including Microsoft Office toolkit.

DeskPDF Professional is a perfect combination of basic features and smart services. It consists of basic features that target to personal, small and large-size business users. You can make PDF files as usual, by copying from Windows’ mode conversation boxes, then creating DeskPDF Professional button in Microsoft Office’s applications. By this way, the converting process will be made easier

Just drag a certain document in Windows and drop it into DeskPDF Professional, you can perfectly make a full PDF file.

DeskPDF Professional now adding with advanced features will enhance your working performance, which are: send Email, right-mouse click to PDF file, MS Word Hyperlink and TOC utilities, customize the quality of chosen PDF file: size, standard-page size, watermark etc.

During file-saving process, if there is any duplicated name existing or same names that may cause the PDF-merging, DeskPDF Professional will tell you to replace or join original files, it will make “Content-Adding” from new files to available files.

DeskPDF Professional is an ideal tool for users and businessmen. This software supports users to make a high-quality PDF file, send documents, charts to customers without specific software. by this way, your data will be saved securely, prevented reprinting, copying or editing .

DeskPDF Professional also supports connecting end devices as well as installing MSI packet. With it’s small size, basic installation, DeskPDF Professional will satisfy most demanding customers and support users in all cases ranging from basic to advanced level thanks to the precious value, abundant features, firm productivity it bears

DeskPDF Professional’s main features:

- Set up PDF-previewing feature.

- Auto file-adding feature.

- Edit page size.

- Copy, save installed files onto clipboard.

- Improve Word-converting feature by comments, process bar.

- Integrate same content, same name files together.

- Prevent document from printing, copying, editing.

- Support end-device services as MSI packet.

Updated date: 10/24/2013

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