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Tony Nguyen

Desktop Christmas Tree Collection is the fascinating picture collection of Christmas trees used to decorate your computer screen. Designed as animated pictures, you can contemplate beautiful pictures with unique effects right on Desktop.

Desktop Christmas Tree Collection is the unique and amazing Christmas gift for computer users. This is the picture collection of beautifully decorated Christmas trees and snowballs to decorate your computer screen. This software provides about 20 animated pictures on Christmas with twinkling lights and accompanied gifts.

Desktop Christmas Tree Collection uses the intelligent screen decoration method to hide and display any component, for example, it can hide twinkling lights, garlands and gifts but display pictures of trees or snowballs. Your computer screen will be overwhelmed with Christmas atmosphere and you will have wonderful moments.

Desktop Christmas Tree Collection can start with Windows. Hence, it will help you save time for opening pictures. You can let pictures appear automatically every startup during the Christmas season. Moreover, you can place those pictures anywhere on the computer to avoid affecting other programs.

Main features of Desktop Christmas Tree Collection:

- Collect pictures of Christmas to decorate Desktop
- Have diversified pictures of Christmas trees and snowballs
- Have multiple effects of twinkling lights
- Hide and display components of the picture
- Place pictures anywhere on the screen
- Start with Windows
- Create the Christmas atmosphere on your computer

  • Main function - Desktop Christmas Tree Collection:

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Desktop Christmas Tree Collection
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