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Desktop Clock is a utility that supports users in setting up clock’s background with practical accessorized and clock feature, while integrates screensaver feature for your computer.

Desktop Clock is a mini utility that helps you to beautify your pc desktop. With this software, you can set up your clock with various sizes and places on your computer screen. This tool also supports users with alarming clock to remind users and smart screensaver feature.

Additionally, this software also supports shutting down your computer automatically after an idling time.

With Desktop Clock, your computer is not only decorated but also secured safely. This tool is truly an interesting program that all users want to own immediately

Desktop Clock’s main features

- Decorating tool for Desktop.

Desktop Clock allows users set up a clock-displaying screen on the system with Windows operating system color. So let do your own beautiful desktop’s GUI with this application  

-Support alarming clock to remind automatically.

Desktop Clock’s alarm clock and reminder would help you to ensure your time table’s accuracy with no mistake as a habit. This mode can be set up automatically basing on your choice’s periods.

- Save the computer’s screen.

This software offers auto computer-shutting and starting feature and it can run with many colorful Screen savers. This feature would save your computer completely in idling time.

- Control clock optionally on screen.

Users can utilize customizations to turn on or off clocks, display clocks in time, show logo or date time basing on time settings.

-User-friendly GUI.

This utility works in harmony with many Windows versions, setting menus are installed easily. Desktop Clock is certainly a multi-function clock for your computer. With this software, you can create a very fashionable style to your desktop with various GUIs, so that you will be inspired to work more effectively every day. In addition, this program has small capacity and supports all Windows versions.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download Desktop Clock
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