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Desktop Lighter is the great utility with capability of adjusting brightness of computer screen. Especially, it supports to change contrast of PC and Laptop.

This program helps you adjust brightness and contrast suitable with your eyes effectively.
Computer users might tune the contrast of computer screen because brightness of the screen does affect to your eye health. If the screen is too dark, you eyes are regulated more for clearer sight and vice versa. If the screen is too bright, it dazzles our eyes. Desktop Lighter is an efficient solution for all.

It offers a simple interface. Function buttons displays right on the program window. Hence, users can easily tune brightness of the screen with only a simple click.

Desktop Lighter is such a compact and powerful tool. It can be used anywhere. It offers two options. One is that you can use slider to adjust brightness and another is to use hotkey combination (Ctrl +).

Key functions of Desktop Lighter:

-  Monitor brightness of computer screen effectively:
Users may adjust brightness of the screen because it is not good for their eyes if the screen s too dark or too bright. Desktop Lighter is the solution for them.
- Support to change the contrast of PC and Laptop:
It allows tuning the contrast of PC and Laptop screen. You can adjust by using track bar or hot-key combination (Ctrl +).
- Offer a simple and easy-to-use interface to users:
It is designed with simple interface. Function buttons are displayed on program’s window. Just a simple click, users can adjust the brightness.
- Be compatible with most of Windows operating systems.

Updated date: 10/28/2013

Free Download Desktop Lighter
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