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Desktop Wallpaper Timer is a tiny application with basic features for supporting users in changing desktop’s wallpapers automatically based on a set schedule.

Desktop Wallpaper Timer allows users to select a folder containing images to import all the images for being set as desktop’s wallpapers. The program has no image controlling feature; therefore, all images in the folder will be set as the desktop’s wallpapers. This is a minus point of the software so you are recommended to consider it before usage.

Desktop Wallpaper Timer supports the exact time for images to be displayed and alternated so that users can optionally select a schedule at their own interest. Users can select to display their favorite images by second, minute, hour, date, etc.

In addition, Desktop Wallpaper Timer also allows you to create short-cut keys for using the program more conveniently without needing too many mouse manipulations. Thus, you can proactively manipulate and customize the program at your own interest with ease.

Key features of Desktop Wallpaper Timer:

- Support selecting all images in a folder to set as the desktop’s wallpaper.
- Have no image controlling feature.
- Allow users to set a schedule for image alternation.
- Allow creating short-cut keys for using the program more conveniently.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Download Desktop Wallpaper Timer
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