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DeviceLock offers you powerful tools for controlling your computer easily and simply.

DeviceLock is a lightweight program so that users can install and use it without fear of affecting hard disks and data on their computer.

DeviceLock allows users to set administration rights to hard disks with output gates, such as CD or DVD, floppy and hard disks, parallel, Serial, USB ports, etc. With this tool, you will have the right of accessing the hardware to protect your computer from illegal access.

In addition, DeviceLock has the ability to control the contents and information on Internet, such as web, mail, social network, messages, file transfer, etc to prevent computers from virus attack or unwanted information.

Furthermore, DeviceLock lets users take control and filter files from mobile devices and storage or media devices to eliminate negative factors that harm your computer.

DeviceLock provides you with essential tools for managing and controlling your computer easily and safely.

Main features of DeviceLock:

-    Add admin rights to hardware with support for exit ports of computers.
-   Take control of internet activities, such as web, mail, social network, messages, file transfer, etc.
-   Control and filter files from mobile devices and others.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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