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DIManager is a program that supports user to manager icons, arrange icons and restore icon’s positions after they have been changed. The program can also change the default wallpaper and icons in the desktop.

DIManager is an icon manager which allows arranging and restoring positions of icons. Users will no longer need to waste time on finding the location of icons and arranging them after they have been changed when users adjust the screen resolution or they moved icons themselves. The program will help users arrange and save the setting of icon’s position, so that it can be applied any time.

DIManager automatically saves the position of icons in each resolution of different screens. These settings can also be transferred to another computer, or user can create a backup. The program also allows you to change the default wallpaper and icons in the desktop quickly.

DIManager can also change the background color and icons. Positions of icons are checked regularly, so that any change will be saves automatically. Hot keys will increase the processing speed of the program. In addition, the software interface is simple, visual and easy to access.

The main features of DIManager:

- Manage icon’s positions
- Restore icon’s positions after they have been changed.
- Change default background and icons
- Customize background colors and icons
- Backup, share the settings of icon’s position

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download DIManager
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