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Kevin Pham

DirLock is a simple solution that helps you lock your important folders to protect them from accessions of others. The locked folders will be secured by your password, so only you can access them.

DirLock is a software with one simple function: lock one or any folders on your computer by a few simple steps. The locked folders cannot be opened even with any other folder managers.

DirLock gives you options to protect data on your computers; in particular, a folder. Instead of locking the Windows by a password, the software allows you to lock one or more selected folders and you can easily manage the locked folders from the program's interface. DirLock provides you an option to disable all the extensions which can open your folder; therefore, those folders will only be unlocked from the application’s interface.

DirLock is very simple and easy to use. You do not need to go through any difficult installations, just simply boot it up and run. This software is amazingly light, so its features are very simple. You can choose to hide the folder or set a password to lock or unlock the folder. In summary, despite not being a professional encrypting tool which encrypts each file at an extremely high level of security, it can perform a basic lock at moderate security level. With ordinary users who do not require high security, DirLock more meets and exceeds their requirements.
Main features of DirLock:

-    Quickly lock one or more folders
-    Prevent accessions of other software
-    Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
-    Operate smoothly and quickly.

Updated date: 10/10/2013

Free Download DirLock
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