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Disk Redactor brings you extraordinary utilities which can delete data safely and robustly. Especially, Disk Redactor uses an advanced algorithm which allows deleting files by overwriting on the data zone with zero code and making those data unrecoverable by any software.

Most computer users often remove data by “Delete command”; in fact, the deleted files still exist in Recycle Bin or hard drives and have not been removed completely. Especially, those data can be recovered thanks to data recovery softwares, so your information may be leaked. Disk Redactor is a safe data deleting tool which uses the algorithm of deleting and overwriting data files for many times and preventing data recovery by data recovery softwares.

With Disk Redactor, you can feel secure that your deleted data will be unrecoverable by any software. Disk Redactor also helps you clean space on the computer’s hard drives to return space for your hard drives.

Disk Redactor is integrated with high technology to delete data safely. This is a really useful and secured tool for all types of users. Disk Redactor deletes data by overwriting on the data zone with zero code to make files unrecoverable. Besides, Disk Redactor is also designed with a simple and user-friendly interface for all types of users.

Key features of Disk Redactor:

- Delete data on the computer’s hard drives effectively.

- Ensure deleted data to be unrecoverable by any methods.

- Clean space of the computer’s hard drives.

- Prevent thieves from stealing personal information from your computer by using unrecoverable deletion algorithm.

- Have a simple and user-friendly interface for all types of users.

Updated date: 10/29/2013

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