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Download Diskeeper Professional - Disk defragmentation and bad sector prevention


Diskeeper Professional is a powerful defragmenting tool which allows users to reorganize their disk space. Diskeeper Professional helps ultimate the computer and improve the computer capacity up to 80%.

Diskeeper Professional is the best defragmentation program. This software helps improve application performance, increase boot time and keep your PC running at top speed. This program adopts smart sequencing technology I-FAAST which can improve the file access to 80%.

File fragmentation is one of the basic causes making the computer run slowly or stop working. Diskeeper is a software which can defrag the disk in real-time without any specific schedule. Thanks to Diskeeper, your computer will work more quickly and efficiently.  Diskeeper works on the computer's background data, but it is super powerful in removing fragmentations to keep your computer run more smoothly.

Main features of Diskeeper Professional

- Reduce the computer's delay, accelerate the speed.

You may not aware that the downloaded and backup data installed on your computer shall create unexpected fragmentations causing the computer's delay.  Using Diskeeper Professional helps eliminate these fragmentations and improve the computer's performance.

- Automatic defrag:

Diskeeper Professional is designed to work without any user's interference. After the installation, user can run this application imediately.  Using hard disk scanning feature, you can perform it manually or let the program work automatically.

- Automatic Defragmentation using IntelliWrite technology.

Applying the breakthrough defragmentation technology IntelliWrite, Diskeeper can prevent the major fragmentations, even the ones existing for a long time in the computer to improve the Windows efficiency.

- Automatic Defragmentation

The small fragmentations that IntelliWrite cannot prevent will be automatically eliminated without negative impact on the performance of other applications running on the system

- Adopting I-FFAST technology for the quicker file access  

By using I-FFAST technology, DIskeeper Professional is very useful in improving accessibility to files up to 80% (compared to the equivalent software such as Smart Defrag or UltraDefrag which can only improve 10% - 10% on average.). This is the leading technology in ultimating hard disks, particularly out-of-date disks or disks with too many fragmentations.

- Advanced defragmentation feature.  

"Instant Defrag" is an advanced feature for automatic defragmentation which can easily eliminate any fragmentations ignored by IntelliWrite. This feature helps prevent interruption during the elimination of fragmentations.  In addition, thanks to this feature, Diskeeper Professional can save much resources by reduce the volume analyzing and defragmentation progress. However, this feature does not work on FAT storing devices.

- Consolidate free spaces and save resources.
After eliminating fragmentations, the program will automatically consolidate the free spaces on your computer and use them to  store useful installations for other computer and reduce unnecessary free spaces.

- Analyze and defrag at the same time

Users can perform analysis and defragmentation at the same time with Diskeeper.  The program will collect and display the data related the computer efficiency and status.  This information helps user more become more active in managing and maintaining the computer. Diskeeper allows users to determine the files or folders that cannot be processed by the except list of the program.

- Reduce unnecessary loss

- Use command lines:  You can use command lines supported in Windows Command Prompt or an available executable file to control the program's operation.

Updated date: 04/25/2015

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