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DiskGetor Data Recovery, a powerful tool to recover data, helps you to recover deleted, lost, damaged and formatted data. In particular, DiskGetor Data Recovery can recover data on damaged, ghosted, formatted hard drive, and on all formats of hard drive partitions.

DiskGetor Data Recovery provides users a powerful and effective ability to restore deleted, corrupted and formatted data on hard drive. Especially, the tool also recovers data in different formats such as images, video, audio, text, ect. DiskGetor Data Recovery is the favorite software of the year and it is preferred by lots of users.

Thank to DiskGetor Data Recovery, users can recover all deleted, or corrupted files on hard drive or in separate folders. Also, with the powerful ability to restore data, DiskGetor Data Recovery allows you to recover all data on damaged, formatted and even ghosted hard disk.

Moreover, DiskGetor Data Recovery is a standalone software that allows restoring data even the overwritten ones by scanning each sector on the hard drive and USB to search and restore the lost data.

The utility supports all external USB devices and all the hard drive partitions with such formats as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. In addition, DiskGetor Data Recovery is compatible with Office2007 and it allows users to recover data in such format as XLSX / PPTX / DOCX.

DiskGetor Data Recovery also has a visual and easy to use interface for users including those who have little experience on computers. It can be said that DiskGetor Data Recovery is extremely useful and necessary for us to work on computer efficiently.

Main features of DiskGetor Data Recovery:

- Recover data effectively.

DiskGetor Data Recovery can recover all deleted, lost, damaged, ghosted, formatted, and corrupted data on hard drive. Eventhough it has such powerful features, it is still easy to use. Users only need to have little experience use the program to restore important files on the system.

- Support in recovering all data in hard drive partitions.

Compared with the same kind of software, DiskGetor Data Recovery is really outstanding. Because other software only support FAT 16, they cannot restore data on NTFS. However, DiskGetor Data Recovery will help you recover data on all hard drive partitions.

- Recover Office2007 text files.

The software is compatible with Office2007; therefore, it can easily recover data of such formats as XLSX / PPTX / DOCX.

- Analyze data file.

If new data file has been overwriten or had the same name with other file, the tool will restore files by scanning file’s header to recover as much data as possible.

- Visual and easy to use interface for all users.

DiskGetor Data Recovery has a visual and easy to use interface for all users including those who have little experience on computer. It is extremely useful to help you work with computer effectively.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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