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Kevin Pham

DJ Java Decompiler is a tool supporting for decompiling and reading backwards data files on Windows for Java. This software allows you to reconstruct the original source code from binary CLASS files which are translated with the high compatibility with many versions of Windows operating system.

DJ Java Decompiler enables users to save, edit, print and compile Java codes created.  The most outstanding advantage of this program is the possibility to decompile complicated Java Applets (Applet is the Java program downloaded to the browser, then runs inside the browser window. They can be used to create graphic user interface with the high interactivity).  

DJ Java Decompiler supports lots of file formats like Class, Java, Jar, RTF, TXT, JAD, etc.  Users can drag and drop files of different formats right on the main window of the program. This software can compile several files at the same time, which helps users save the time considerably.

DJ Java Decompiler also integrates a Java editor with full of supporting functions such as checking commands, searching through keywords, syntax coloring so that you can  write Java programs easily right on the Windows background. Besides this application is also suitable to study JAVA bytecode because it allows you to edit, save, compile or print generated Java codes.

Main features of DJ Java Decompiler:

- Decompile into Java language.

DJ Java Decompiler supports users effectively in compiling any Class files and save them in formats you want. This feature is very useful for programmers or computer project developers to read abstract languages and have a deep and comprehensive view about code snippets created at the beginning. This application provides you with appropriate tools to analyze Java applications and relevant programs.

- Recover destroyed source code.

DJ Java Decompiler has the capability of recovering lots of destroyed or dead source codes. This feature helps users retake important commands in the projects. This is the outstanding advantage a few compiling tools have.

- Support for learning Java.

DJ Java Decompiler also helps those who want to discover Java through the editing, fixing and debugging tools.

- Be easy to use.

The application`s window is organized clearly and scientifically. All you need do is just to browse one or multiple files on the computer or make a double click on them. Then, you can view the source code immediately. You are allowed to decompile and disassemble CLASS files on the system`s hard drive or on the network drive. You just need a connection and full access rights without requiring to install Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or Java SDK.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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