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DNS Jumper is a portable software use to change dynamic DNS rapidly. With DNS Jumper, user can easily change the domain name to access some blocked Vietnamese or foreign websites.

DNS Jumper is developed to help Internet users change DNS to pass firewall or access blocked websites without any difficulties.

DNS Jumper also provides users a lot of free DNS software, domain name systems which are accepted by Internet user community from all over the world.  In addition, DNS Jumper also allows users to change and exchange DNS from Internet Service Provider with the DNS of public domain name system or of the world leading Internet corporations easily without adjusting in Network and Sharing Center.

DNS Jumper supports famous free public domain name service such as Google DNS, Open DNS, Ultra DNS, DNS Advantage, etc. These public DNS are the domain name systems provided form well-known Internet corporations such as Google, Open, Norton.

Main features of DNS Jumper:

- Pass the firewall, access blocked websites:  The change of DNS help user easily pass firewall and access the blocked websites.

- Start up with Windows:  When users start the computer, DNS Jumper will automatically start.

- Automatic update:  This software also has automatic update function when you have internet connection.

- Support multi-operating systems:  Beside supporting Windows-the most popular OS, this software also runs on other OS such as Mac OSX, Linux..

- Multilingual support:  DNS Jumper supports some other languages beside English and Germany.

- Rapidly change DNS:  Beside auto starting with Windows, this software also supports rapidly changing DNS to help the users update the new DNS.

- Backup and restore settings:  Together with updating the new DNS, DNS configuration is also important because this utility supports you to backup and restore the original settings or the configuration settings you desire.

How does DNS work?

This system is a network of information associated with diversified domain names given to any one who is involved. By translating internet domain names into binary system to help link the network equipment together. With the main purposes to locate and address internet connecting devices across the world.  Each internet service provider has its own DNS gate.  Therefore, if the internet providers want to block a website or a domain name, they will only have to adjust the DNS to block all the IP using this domain name.

The change of DNS will help users easily access some websites which can not be connected using internet provider's DNS due to the connection errors caused by national limits or transmission incident.  In addition, if public domain names are installed, they will help users access the internet faster.  Furthermore, using public domain names in DNS Jumper can also help users avoid malicious websites. By collecting malicious websites, DNS Jumper can block the access to such websites when users try to access them through their services.
Moreover, DNS Jumper also automatically sets up and provides some public domain names for users.  If you do not like, you can enter another DNS and DNS Jumper will automatically connect and check. DNS Jumper also supports Ipv6 protocol. A completely new internet protocol.  DNS Jumper is lightweight and easy-to-use even for those who have never experienced such change.

DNS Jumper supports some other languages beside English. This software is also equipped with auto-upgrade function.  Besides, DNS Jumper can start with the windows. DNS Jumper has released the latest version which supports the new operating systems of Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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