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Doc Srubber is a program that offers users supportive tools to manage Microsoft documents in an effective way.

Doc Srubber brings users features so that they can delete key information relating to documents, like: document makers, dates, words’ numbers, editor etc. With this feature, users can hide above information with not so much effort. You are no longer to bear in your mind that others can see your information while sharing or sending them documents.

Additionally, Doc Srubber is capable of removing original files or replacing or overriding them. If you are flooded with many reasons to remove original files, this software can help you to delete, replace or override those files to make their content disappear. Following that, you can protect original files’ information to keep them secret and avoid being copied illegally

Moreover, Doc Srubber also offers another outstanding feature, which is Only- Analyzer mode. This feature is useful in displaying document’s content, which is not deleted at all. On hand with this feature, you can see inside content of documents easily and choose to delete them or not.

Doc Srubber’s main features:

-    Support users to remove related information to documents: maker, time, word’s number, editor etc.

-    Delete, replace or override original files as you want.

-    Provide Only-Analyzer mode that supports users to see document’s remained information.

Updated date: 11/15/2013

Free Download Doc Scrubber
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