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DocShield is software that runs in the background to record the change of the file to help you detect illegal access in order to change your file structure. The program run passively just to keep track on the data activities and record them without changing anything.

DocShield is designed to run on the Windows OS for the purpose of protecting critical data. The program acts as a supervisor to ensure files are controllable.

DocShield protects data by silently record the changes and activities of the files and capture those changes to notify you about time as well as the changes it recoded. The snapshots will be saved to a compressed file and delivered to you.

DocShield record the changed contents at the time of editing, so it help you understand the changes and perform recovery correctly. In addition, the program also allows you to create backup files in DSV format which can only be opened by this software, so the safety of data will be ensured.

One advantage of DocShield is that its interface is simple and easy to use. With this software you can be assured to capture any changes such as virus attack or data editing, thus make you restore your data correctly.

Main features of DocShield:

-    Run silently and record file changes
-    Automatically capture file changes and notify user
-    Store snapshots in one encrypted compression file to assure security
-    Simple and easy-to-use interface
-    Run smoothly
-    Small size.

Updated date: 10/21/2013

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