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DownloadX ActiveX Download Control is the ActiveX driver used to download files from Internet / Intranet, compatible with lots of modern programming languages (VB.NET, C #, C + +, VB, Delphi, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, etc.) and supports ActiveX controls (like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Micrisoft Office products).

You often encounter many problems when downloading files from Internet such as unsupported protocol, incompatible language, lack of controls on the operating system or downloaded files having too large capacity. With DownloadX ActiveX Download Control, all of these barriers will be solved. This is a wonderful solution to download applications from browsers.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control supports lots of big network protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Secure FTP / FTPS and proxy server. Users just need identify a file and hit the download button, then the program will download it quickly. Files will have the sufficient capacity and restrict common mistakes when using file download programs.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control uses the technology to split a file into smaller parts and download parts by a specific theme at the same time. Thus, users do not have to wait for so long to own them or worry that the downloaded file gets lost, even when you are using dial-up, wireless or any connection form.

Key features of DownloadX ActiveX Download Control:

- Support downloading files from Internet.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control is the free download management tool used to download files from Internet or local network. The software has the fast download speed, supports lots of network protocols and popular programming languages. With the file splitting technology, this application ensures that no part of the file will be lost or broken during the download process.

- Download multiple files at the same time.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control allows users to download multiple files in different formats at the same time from Internet browsers such as Videos, songs, images, documents, software, etc. The download process is displayed on a list so that users can monitor the specific time of each file.

- Control the download process easily.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control contains simple control buttons so that you can pause, add or remove any file on the download list. This software is also compatible with any programming language including VB.NET, C #, C + +, Delphi, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and Java in various network protocols.

- Download interrupted files.

A common problem of download supporting programs is the interruption for many reasons such as disconnection, the excessive capacity or containing malicious links. With DownloadX ActiveX Download Control, you can download the unfinished part of interrupted files. On the other hand, fast download also limits common mistakes to the max.

- Control the download process closely.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control also integrates testing and management technologies for all downloaded applications. If there is any malware, suspicious links, the application will alert users timely to have the suitable solution.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download DownloadX ActiveX Download Control
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