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Driver Magician Lite is a supporting tool to search, download, back up, recover and remove drivers. The program automatically detects devices.

Driver Magician Lite assists users in finding necessary drivers for your computer. The program has the ability to identify all hardware as well as newly added devices to automatically determine missing drivers. Then the application will download drivers from the database for these devices.

Driver Magician Lite also backs up all drivers on your computer to conduct recovery in case of failure or reinstallation. All device drivers are collected into executable file and you only need to run this file in case of installing the driver again. The program can also back up My Documents and Registry Windows.

Driver Magician Lite provides four different working modes according to the backup needs of users. The program also supports displaying all driver information and removing drivers completely. The software also is simple, easy to use and suitable for all levels of users. This is a program designed to update device drivers to enhance computer performance and system stability.

Main features of Driver Magician Lite:

- Search and update drivers for your computer.
- Backup and restore drivers.
- Offer 4 different working modes.
- Display driver information.
- Uninstall driver.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Driver Magician Lite
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