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Drive Easy is a software which can automatically search for Drivers , download missing drivers, and install them on your computer.

Drive Easy reveals to be a perfect tool to search and detect the location of necessary drivers for your computer. The distinctive feature of this software is that it integrates over 1,000,000 drivers for all sorts of hardware which optimizes the search for missing drivers.

When you want to replace a graphic program or other applications, you may not aware that Windows still keeps the drivers. This will have bad effect on your computer's efficiency and reduce the web accessing speed. Driver Easy helps you uninstall the unnecessary Drivers to increase the  system capacity.

Users only have to run the software and scan all the folders in the disks, Driver Easy will search for missing drivers (eg. keyboard, mouse, audio files, video files, game, graphic card, etc.) User can also view all the previous Drivers, lost drivers, and scanning devices and time.

Main features of Driver Easy

- Improve driver scanning method
- Accelerate scanning speed
- Fix errors when scanning for Driver on virtual devices
- Search and identify the location of the lost Driver
- Download Drivers for the computer
- Support over 1,000,000 Drivers in the store.
- Backup and restore Drivers
- Customize to uninstall Drivers' setting
- Automatically install the latest driver for programs.
- Increase the efficiency of the system.
- Check for the searching result and the size of each driver.
- Allow user to view the information of the system, operating system, RAM, etc.
- View hardware parameters: graphic card, screen, Internet card, audio card, et.
- Customize the interface language.
- Set proxy configuration.
- Automatically update new versions.

Driver Easy has a straightforward and user-friendly interface which allows users to view the information of the system, operating system, RAM, microprocessor, and CPU.  Moreover, you can also view the information of the hardware such as graphic card, screen, hard disk, Internet card, and audio card.

With the daily schedule, your computer system will be scanned for remnants of deleted programs to help improve the performance, fix screen problems quickly, add more advanced features for the new Driver installation.

Different from other software of the same driver backup function such as Driver Backup, DriverMax, DriverScanner, Driver Magician, or Driver Genius, Driver Easy can manage and scan over 1,000,000 drivers at the same time for different hardware and updates the database regularly.  Along with this feature, the program will automatically search and update the latest driver version for programs; therefore the computer performance is increase rapidly and efficiently.

In "Download" tab, you can easily check the results by Driver Easy as well as the size of each driver file.  Download drivers first. Then, customize the delete functions or reinstall them, open the file locations, put them in folder, or report errors.

In "Tools" menu, users can easily view the hardware information, use a backup to restore system for the drivers or uninstall them.

Do not worry when you lose driver of a program, Driver Easy helps backup Drivers deleted accidentally due to some technical errors and restore them right after restarting the system.  This is a quite useful feature if you do not know or sure whether the new drivers is compatible with your computer system or not. You can backup these drivers and use them at later time.

Moreover, the program allows user to customize the interface language, proxy setting, set up Driver Easy automatically by creating a store point before installing drivers and preview the hidden devices.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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 We compile the Introduction and usage guidance about DriverEasy software with the purpose to provide you more information for reference, if you download drivereasy, that is in your discretion. We shall not take any responsibility for problems arising (if any) during the installation and use of the software. See [Terms and Conditions] for more details.
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