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Kevin Pham

DriveSentry is software that helps you prevent the intrusion of viruses, spyware and malware which can attack your computer. It also allows you to prevent illegal data copy from your computer to steal important information.

DriveSentry is provided free with premium features. It is the combination of anti-virus software, anti-spyware and HIPS technology to protect users from all threats while using their computers. This software acquires information from a credible source which is updated regularly with a list of malicious software and software that is certificated to be safe for the computer. When someone install an application on your computer, DriveSentry will notify you that there may be software installed on your computer, then you can allow it or not.

Furthermore, DriveSentry continuously monitors the operation of the data written to your hard drive and provide you information in real-time, any suspicious activities will be stopped and separated. The software also helps you protect your data from illegal copy by creating passwords and rules, so anyone who has the intention to steal your data will be blocked by this mechanism.

DriveSentry is a powerful software, but free for everyone with many outstanding features.

Main features of DriveSentry

- CheckMark certified
- Improved performance for higher quality
- Add more notification messages
- Add notification when the database is not updated or when there is no internet connection
- Improve user interface to be easier.
- Improve mechanisms
- Be compatible with Windows 7.

Updated date: 10/09/2013

Free Download DriveSentry
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