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Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is a wonderful tool which helps you to manage your audio, video and film files much more perfectly when you can remove all duplicated files in the same folders. Different information can free much of iTunes memory.

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is a handy and reliable application designed to help you remove duplicate files quickly and safely such as songs, TV shows and movies, image library, TV programs, books, etc. All of deleted files are listed in the report so that you can see them easily.

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes can automatically find and remove duplicate files and dead links. This setting makes eliminating files risk-free. Set your own criteria for finding duplicates so that you never risk deleting files that you want. And you don’t need to waste much of your to search for duplicate files manually thanks to this great tools. These deleted files can be easily recovered if you need. They are deleted does not means that they are removed forever, therefore, you can be sure that your files are kept and protected safely.

Here are some main features of Dupe Eliminator for iTunes:

-    Support duplicate files easily and quickly
-    Automatically scan, search and remove files and save much of your working time
-    Be able to recover deleted files
-    Convert audio formats to AAC or MP3.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Download Dupe Eliminator for iTunes
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