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DWG TrueView is an application which helps you open and read AutoCAD files like DWG, DXF supported by the famous AutoCAD design software package. Moreover, this utility also enables you to convert drawings into different formats.

DWG TrueView supports to open and view AutoCAD files in DWG, DXF formats. This is the supported program and its interface is similar to the AutoCAD graphic design software. This utility allows you to view drawings in 3D model. It includes built - in features to design and convert into drawings of different formats.

DWG TrueView comprises lots of useful features to help you analyze drawing models from every angle easily. With the capability to work well with 3D drawings, you can easily manage layers. Together with the powerful Zoom tool, this program is very necessary for any designer as well as architect who must design technical drawings regularly.

DWG TrueView allows you to open multiple drawings at the same time, and convert drawing formats in newer versions into formats suitable to older AutoCAD versions and vice versa. Moreover, you can print these drawings in paper documents to share with everybody easily.

Main features of DWG TrueView:

- Open, view, print AutoCAD files.

This utility can open and read AutoCAD files in popular formats like DWG, DXF. Besides, you can also print these designs in paper documents so that you can view them where there is no computer.

- Open multiple drawings at the same time.

With DWG TrueView you can open many designs simultaneously and put drawings side-by-side in separate Tab windows. This is very useful if you want to compare drawings.

- Convert drawings into formats of different AutoCAD versions.

DWG TrueView will help you convert drawings of new versions into AutoCAD formats of older versions (such as AutoCAD 2000/2004/2007/2010). Or you can use this application to convert drawings of old versions into files which are compatible with new versions. you can batch convert different drawings in a short time. The program is not limited in the number of files for conversion.

- Share AutoCAD drawings easily.

The program has the function to print drawings into paper documents so that you can share with other people like colleagues, partners, friends, etc. or archive on the computer. You can use the built-in converting feature on this application to convert drawings into PDF format which helps you share drawings on Internet easily.

- Define exactly the distance of drawing parameters.

DWG TrueView allows you measure exactly the distance as well as drawing parameters. You can measure the distance, radius, angles, areas, volumes as well as locate each point and different object attributes.

- Support to work with AutoCAD files.

This utility can work with most file formats supported by AutoCAD such as DWF, DWG, DXF.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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