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Earth Alerts is the application which provides users the most updated information about natural disasters from anywhere in the world together specific reports and images. This application integrates databases from lots of famous forecast centers and geological surveys in the world which bring users extremely useful information.

Earth Alerts tool supports you to watch and know in advance possible weather hazards in many places in the earth such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, storms, cyclones, thunder, floods, wildfires, landslides, etc. Users just need select a location which often encounters types of hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, volcanoes in Russia, cyclones in Africa and the application will automatically extract the latest information from various live data available on Internet and display them in a convenient arrangement of reports, maps and images.

Earth Alerts also allows users to view information about the weather forecast in locals such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rain or shine, snow, fog, etc. in locations you are interested in or you are having a plan for travel so that you can have appropriate arrangements. Users can also watch the weather forecast in a consecutive period of time by hours and days in a week.

Main features of Earth Alerts:

- Update information about natural disasters in the world.
Natural disaster is the hot issue in the world. It greatly affects human lives and material properties of many countries. Hence, this application helps computer users regularly update information about it so that they can introduce it to members in their family, friends and relatives. Earth Alerts is such an application. With this utility, you can view new and full information about images of happening or potential hazards in any places in the world.

- Support doing research about the earth.

Earth Alerts is also the very efficient support for those who care for issues of the earth, monitor changes on our green planet. It helps us summarize natural influences on the human life as well as predict the future of the earth.

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Updated date: 04/25/2015

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