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EarthDesk for Mac OS X is the software to change usual backgrounds by live pictures of strange things in the universe, earth or famous places in the world. The application is designed for Mac OS X. This is a great tool for whom want to discover new things outside the globe and mysterious places in the world.

Computer is required to connect with the internet; the application will constantly update images from the satellite. The tool will provide really and vividly live pictures of the whole earth. Especially, the software enables you to clearly view clouds, storms or your favorite worldwide places.

With 11 projections, 3 map layers and 11 000 cities, the application offers you to nearly view the whole earth. You can visit anywhere. This is an indispensable tool for whom passionate on discovering mystery of the nature.

Using geographic data with Time Palette enables the application to provide full geography detail and time zone of more than 10 000 cities in the world. Especially, the software using Atlas data including Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) make EarthDesk for Mac OS X more accurate.

EarthDesk for Mac OS X also supports to display on multi desktop and the information of each zone in the world, update constantly and more accurately.

The application, with high accuracy and flexibility and ease, allows you to select updated images to set as desktop background. It brings you fresh feel and curiosity on lands in the world.

Key features of EarthDesk for Mac OS X:

- Update constantly images of places in the world.
- Update accurate the information in detail.
- Enable to set as Desktop background.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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