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EarthView is the lightweight and simple tool for watch the earth image from different angles, in different time and with different colors. With this utility, users can see beautiful scenes of our planet in he daytime sunlight, night lights with the best image quality.

EarthView allows users to view the earth image through the map or the globe with details about outstanding areas such as urban areas, big cities, atmospheric effects like cloud, rain, sunlight, snow, fog and natural images like forest, vegetational cover, ocean, etc. The program supports different types of earth maps such as satellite map, 2D map with vividly colorful interfaces.  You can view by zooming in or zooming out the screen or zooming a specific location.

EarthView also is also able to set images of the earth as the computer`s wallpaper, configure the screen savers by specifying parameters for modes like day or night view, smoothing style, changing colors. Earth images have the high resolution and you can adjust their quality as you want.

Key features of EarthView:

- Support viewing the earth images.

EarthView is known as a favorite tool for those who love geology and want to discover the earth at the macro level. You can see the overall picture or each specified area on the globe and the earth map. The program offers the day and night view modes with different interfaces. Users can easily adjust the display and density of urban areas, choose the brightness, contrast, color, sunshine, etc. even the thickness and color of clouds.

- Decorate and protect the screen.

EarthView can turn earth images into eye-catching wallpapers which are continuously changed and establish the screen saver mode. Users can also start the program together with Windows when using the computer to save time. The software use a small amount of the system resources and is closely compatible with various Windows operating systems.

Updated date: 04/25/2015

Free Download EarthView
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