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Easy GIF Animator supports users to create and edit animated pictures in GIF format and extract high-quality files. Users can also add effects to images for publishing on Websites. This application helps users create animated pictures, banners and buttons with very simple manipulations.

Easy GIF Animator produces animated pictures with the high compression rate and the good quality. This program provides multiple tools for creating GIFs from original photos or animated pictures, banners or buttons for Web designing. Supported formats include JPG, JPEG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF. Output images will be displayed in the thumbnail view so that users can view them easily.

Easy GIF Animator integrates multiple unique image effects, creates moving text effects, adds tools for drawing, filling color, creating texts, etc. This software helps users optimize GIF images in term of file size and download duration or preview GIF images in web browsers to make necessary adjustments. Users can also batch change the quality of animated pictures.

Easy GIF Animator allows managing animated frames, setting animation loop count and frame duration, extracting separate animation frames,reversing the whole or a portion of a GIF file and creating or adjusting the transparency. This utility also supports users to search animated pictures on Internet, convert GIF images to AVI or create HTML code to upload GIF images to Websites.

Main features of Easy GIF Animator:

- Create animated pictures from various image formats
- Edit animated pictures
- Add effects to animated pictures
- Create moving text effect
- Process multiple images at the same time
- Convert animated pictures to AVI files
- Generate HTML code to publish animated pictures on Websites

Updated date: 04/25/2015

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