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Kevin Pham

Easy MP3 Cutter is a tool to cut audio file with lots of powerful features. The application supports input audio of such formats as MP3, WAV, WMA, and APE to create ringtones for mobile phone.

Easy MP3 Cutter helps you cut your favorite track from a song to store on computer or create ringtones for your beloved mobile phone running such operating systems as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. This application can work with such input audio formats as MP3, WAV, WMA.

Easy MP3 Cutter allows you to cut a series of segments from a single soundtrack. You just need to set the starting and ending time for the audio, fade in/out audio volume, and adjust output audio quality to get the best products.

Easy MP3 Cutter allows you to adjust ID3 tabs, change the song name, singers, album, types, year, and comments; add intervals between audio files, and many other features. The program can display the audio file in wave-form graphs so that you can work with your favorite segments easily.

Main features of Easy MP3 Cutter:

- Split audio from a complete audio file.

This application allows you to cut your favorite segments from a complete soundtrack by setting the starting and ending time. Then, these segments can be used as ringtones for different mobile phones.

- Support different input audio formats.

Easy MP3 Cutter can work with popular audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV.

- Support drag-and-drop feature.

You can import audio to the queue of the program by the program browser, or drag and drop it to the main interface, Easy MP3 Cutter will display it immediately for you.

- Display audio in wave-form graphs.

- Cut a series of audio files.

Easy MP3 Cutter helps you split a series of audio segments simultaneously, move the cursor on the wave form graphs to select the segment, or set the intervals between segments.
- Display information of each segment.

You can preview the information of each audio segment and define the desired ones before saving them to other formats. You can view files by name, path, starting and ending time, name of each soundtrack, etc.

- Customize ID3 tabs.

Easy MP3 Cutter allows you to edit information related to audio segments such as title, artist, album, type, published year, and comments.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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