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eBay Toolbar is a useful tool to make online purchase on Ebay without logging in this Web. This is an add-on of Mozilla Firefox which helps you monitor commodities and purchase directly right on the browser if you want.

eBay Toolbar allows you to make online purchase on Ebay without logging in this Web. This utility is an add-on of Mozilla Firefox which provides you with full information about trading sessions, newly updated items and others.

eBay Toolbar  will display information attracting most views and provide the search function so that you can work easily. The application supports most Ebay pages in many countries in the world. You can choose one of these Ebay pages to perform your transaction.

eBay Toolbar will display the latest trends and most traded commodities, inform expired commodities, update constantly in the real-time. On the browser you can mark texts, click the mouse on each item and customize some parameters so that your work can run most smoothly. You need sign in one of 2 accounts, either PayPal or eBay to buy the commodity you like most.

Main features of eBay Toolbar :

- Make online purchuse on eBay.

eBay Toolbar will help you buy commodity online right on the main interface of Mozilla Firefox without signing in the homepage of Ebay. The application will display folders with items as clothes, electronic goods, sports requisites, kitchen utensils etc. for your choice.

Find items easily.

The program enables you to find commodities for purchase by typing the keyword which is the item name or commodity type, then the utility will show relevant results immediately.

- View activities on eBay in the real-time.

eBay Toolbar will display all purchase activities happening in the real-time, the latest trends, best selling items and also commodities which are sold out. All are updated constantly for your convenience.

- Make payment by eBay, PayPal.

One of advantages of eBay Toolbar is the ability to order and pay online as a real Ebay. You can make payment for purchase items through eBay or PayPal accounts. Notice that you should use one of these two accounts. If you use 2 accounts at the same time, a warning will be sent to you and you can not buy your favorite commodity.

- Support for most eBay pages of many countries.

The application supports for most eBay pages in many countries in the world such as ebay.com (ebay U.S.) ebay.co.uk (eBay U,K.) ebay.com.au (eBay Australia) ebay.at (eBay Austria) ebay.be (eBay Belgium) ebay.ca (eBay Canada) ebay.ch ebay.de (eBay Germany) ebay.es ebay.fr (eBay France), ebay.in (ebay India) ebay.ie ebay.it (eBay Italy) ebay.nl (eBay Holand).

  • Main function - eBay Toolbar:

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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