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Empty folder nuker is a utility program designed to scan and clean empty folders. Especially, this tool will never erroneously delete your data files and influence system files. Empty folder nuker will enable you clean your computer most quickly and effectively.

You have used the computer for a long time without cleaning it. As a result, empty folders can generate in large numbers that many be the main reason for a slow running computer. Traditionally, we often try to find and remove empty files manually which can take up a lot of time and efforts. Thanks to Empty folder nuker, you can search and remove empty folders quickly and effectively.

Empty folder nuker is better than other tools of the same kind due to the feature that is to search and delete empty files on your computer completely without fear of cleaning data files or influencing system files. It is so interesting, isn’t it?

Empty folder nuker is a light-weight and easy-to-use program. In addition, it requires no installation, so users can run this tool anywhere they want.

Main features of Empty folder nuker:

- Delete empty folders on your computer effectively.

- Scan and delete files quickly and effectively.

- Employ an advanced algorithm that avoids deleting data files or influencing system files.

Updated date: 11/22/2013

Free Download Empty folder nuker
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