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ErrorExpert is the program which helps you identify and fix errors in Windows Registry and speed up your computer performance.

After a long-term use, your computer can slow down due to errors of software or applications installed on your system. You can reinstall the operating system to stabilize your system. However, this solution is time-consuming. Instead, ErrorExpert is the best choice for you in this case.

ErrorExpert was developed by ErrorExpert. Its main feature is to search and fix errors in Windows Registry. With simple clicks, ErrorExpert will help you detect errors which make your computer run slowly.

ErrorExpert can scan folders on the system for errors at high speed. Then, the program will fix these errors automatically and effectively. ErrorExpert supports removing components which slow down your system such as  toolbar, popup, statup, etc.

Main features of ErrorExpert:

- Identify and fix errors in Registry
- Speed up your computer system
- Support scanning folders, software and hard drive on your computer
- Remove, backup and recover corrupt files  
- Remove toolbar, popup, startup, etc.
- Support uninstalling software in Control Panel

Updated date: 04/25/2014

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