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Download Everest Ultimate Edition - Optimize and troubleshoot the computer

Everest Ultimate Edition is a utility to help users to install, optimize, and troubleshoot the computer problems by providing all the information related to the computer system.

Everest Ultimate Edition is used to troubleshoot all the computer problems by optimizing and providing necessary information related to your computer system including hardware and drivers to secure the system and critical data.

Not merely an information system, Everest Ultimate Edition also provides the comprehensive standards and the ability to administer the hardware.  Making use of the tools with powerful features integrated in the program, Everest Ultimate Edition can help comparing the system efficiency to prevent potential problems when your computer gets too hot or faulty hardware.

Everest Ultimate Edition also possesses an intuitive and user-oriented interface.  It is also lightweight and occupies little system resources. With the associated tools, Everest Ultimate Edition is considered the best troubleshooting software that everyone must have.

Main features of Everest Ultimate Edition  

- Optimize and troubleshoot the computer

During the operation, Everest Ultimate Edition will list all the events and information related to the system.  It divides the system into 15 sections including the detailed information about the hardware and other software in the computer.  Just in some clicks, users can find the information about the CPU, motherboard, and operating system.

Everest Ultimate Edition can list all the PCI devices and their working area on the computer.  Reports will be sent back rapidly, so users can grasp the information about their system.  These reports are often written in text or HTML formats.

- Provide detailed information about storage devices.  

Information about hard disk drives, or flash disks will be fully provided by Everest Ultimate Edition.  Everest Ultimate Edition has IDE detecting tool, S.M.A.R.T disk monitor, ASPI, SCSI devices lists, and many other information about other devices such as PCI, PnP, PCMCIA, USB, important information about the power source and printer.

In addition, it also sends back information from video player, video managers, and screen parameter such as serial, DDC, and other video formating devices, GPU, OpenGL, and Direct3D.

- Describe the performance of the computer:

Everest Ultimate Edition is used to monitor the information of the hardware in real-time using graphs about heat radiation, system performance, as well as its overall status at any time.

- Speed up the system and improve the efficiency.

Users can preview all the running applications with the standard criteria to collect information about the efficiency of the CPU and associated storage devices.

- Test the stability of the system  

All the operations of the system will be reflected clearly through the results from the program, so users can easily know the weakest elements to improve the system stability.

- Support over 100,000 hardwares

- OS and installation information for the software.

Everest Ultimate Edition helps detect all the software running on the OS of the computer and the built-in software including copyright software, drivers of programs, anti-virus software, security update, and many more.

Moreover, it also sends back the information that users shared on the internet, group lists, sign in names, password for each account, opened files, fonts, and detailed settings for Windows Desktop.

It can manage the information about internet status, remote access network, email account, internet resources, and Internet settings.  Privacy lists on websites are also added such as cookies, web browsing history, route, etc.

Updated date: 04/25/2015

Download Everest Ultimate Edition

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