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Facebook Toolbar is a handy tool for posting information to Facebook. This is especially designed for people who use this social network to make friends and share information.

Facebook Toolbar allows you to share information with your friends when surfing the internet anywhere in the world. It’s easy for you to receive, share information, upload images, videos, update status, check in, etc with high speed.

Right after you log in your account, Facebook Toolbar prompts a built-in pop-up notification window which displays new notices, friend requests, messages, etc.

This tool also has a built-in feature that allows users to view their profiles, friend information, events, notes, social groups, or uploaded images on the simple interface.

Main features of Facebook Toolbar:

- It’s easy to share information on Facebook:

Facebook Toolbar has common built-in features similar to Facebook’s, such as chat online, follow friend information, add events on map to share your travelling around the world with others, or post your status quickly. You can upload images, videos to Facebook from different devices.  

- It updates Facebook information without accessing the homepage:

If you are a Facebook fan, you will lust for a tool that allows you to follow your friend information without browsing to the homepage. Facebook Toolbar is surely designed for the sake of convenience.

- It updates information in seconds:

Uploading rate of this software is so quick and efficient, thus users can write their status, upload large files, etc without fear of waiting a long time.

- View events in detail:

If you activate event menu, you will see a brief description of important events that you attended in the past, or incoming events held by your groups. For each event, the tool will show you information on type, location, date, guest list, and your participation status.

- It allows users to log in Facebook secretively:

It not only satisfies Facebook fans but also hides their Facebook activities from other users. This software allows you to keep contact with your friends with no interfere with your work. You won’t miss any events or personal messages sent to your Facebook account.

- It provides the options to customize your Facebook activities:

The toolbar on the interface lets you edit notice pages. There you can select actions whenever you receive a new message, an invitation to an event, a request for joining a group, or when your friend writes something new on your wall. It means that you have the authority to stop or keep these activities.

- It remembers sign-in account:

This software also remembers and automatically logs in your account next time which will save users much time.
- It supports multi-languages and operating systems:

Facebook Toolbar operates on Firefox, Internet Explorer and supports various languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Hindu, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Sweden, Turkish, etc.
- It has a friendly interface for all users:

It has a clear and direct interface with frequently-used tabs (like Facebook) which helps users get easy access. You are allowed to customize viewing and uploading features without a requirement of other supporting tools.

Updated date: 10/24/2013

Free Download Facebook Toolbar
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