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Factory Image Converter is the application which edits and converts most popular image files with high quality and small file size. If you want to edit some images, this application is the best choice for you.
Factory Image Converter is designed with basic functions. The program allows you to convert images between various image formats. It can resize images without reducing their quality. In addition, you can crop, rotate an image at different angles, even insert other images into that image.
To meet demands of users, Factory Image Converter has been improved with a basic interface and powerful features so that they can edit and convert images with high quality. 
Factory Image Converter provides you different ways to add images for editing. You can use the file list or thumbnail list to select images for conversion. This feature helps you find image files for conversion easily. 
Main features of Factory Image Converter:
- Support various file formats 
- Support converting images to rare formats like AVS, Kodak Cineon, Graphviz DOT, SMTPE DPX, FITS, HDF, MIFF, etc.
- Stamp images
- Resize images, edit color and font, etc.
- Reduce the file size of images without changing their quality
- Support 2 modes for selecting images: select the whole folder or a single image 

Updated date: 05/23/2014

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