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Fast Empty Folder Finder is a software which can find and remove empty folders on your computer completely in an effective and fast manner. Especially, Fast Empty Folder Finder can also remove hidden empty folders to free up the memory for your computer and help the system operate more stably.

Fast Empty Folder Finder is a compact and handy tool which enables you to easily find and delete empty folders. The software will display a list of empty folders on the computer and allow you to delete all the empty folders with just a single click or you can choose to delete just some certain empty folders from the list.

Fast Empty Folder Finder is a useful tool for you to deal with thousands of empty folders on your computer. It can locate empty folders and delete them from your computer system.

Fast Empty Folder Finder is very simple-to-use. Firstly, you click on the folder icon at the upper left corner of the software interface to identify locations (drives or folders) that need to be scanned. Afterwards, you click on the Search Now and Fast Empty Folder Finder Software will display a list of empty folders and you can specify folders that you want to delete by putting the check symbol on them. Finally, you click Delete Checked Folder(s) button to proceed to delete your selected folders.
Key features of Fast Empty Folder Finder:

- Search and clean up all empty folders on computer’s drives to free up space for drives and help the computer operate faster.
- Remove hidden empty folders on drives.
- Be a small and handy tool. Have a high empty folder scanning speed.
- Allow completely deleting some empty folders in the list of folders found.

Updated date: 12/24/2013

Free Download Fast Empty Folder Finder
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