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Kevin Pham

File Shredder is an application to eliminate data safely and effectively. With this software, useless data on your computer will be removed permanently by shredding files to ensure that they will not be saved on any folder and nobody can find them.

Your computer often stores lots of your private, important and sensitive data. If you delete them in normal ways, they will easily appear again on the computer and cause unnecessary troubles. With File Shredder, you will feel secure when files, documents are removed safely without leaving any vestige and even the rescue programs of deleted files also can not find out.

File Shredder allows users to delete various formats of data including images, music, Video, text documents, etc.from the hard drive without saving them on any memory, even the recycle bin. The program removes files permanently from the system by rewriting files many times with the random sequences of binary data. This process is often called as "shredding". By this way, the real content of files are overwritten and it will be very difficult to restore such shredded files, even by the most powerful recovery technology.

Key features of File Shredder:

- Delete data safely.

File Shredder uses the most advanced technologies in deleting data clearly without leaving any vestige. Users can select shredding algorithms integrated on the application. Files are split and overwritten on binary data sequences. Thus, it will be difficult for other software to restore them.

- Allow choosing folders and files for removal.

To serve for deleting data, the function Add File or Add Folder allows you to select certain files for removal and filter important data for retaining.  This utility is able to delete specific files and also folders containing many files. During the deleting process, you can remove or add any file.

- Clear Internet access data.

Besides deleting optional files on the computer, the application also allows you to clean up information regarding to your using computer to surf web on different browsers such as IE cache, IE cookies, Firefox cache, Firefox cookies, etc.  It also allows you to delete permanently information about your computer using process including received files, downloaded files, temporary files, even deleted files on Recycle Bin without leaving any vestige. This feature helps you use the computer safely to other people, especially when your computer is shared with many users.

- Set up password for protection.

File Shredder allows users to set up a password to access and use the application. This will help you prevent other people from accessing and using your computer for illegal purposes.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download File Shredder
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