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FileSalvage is a data recovery tool that allows you to retrieve and restore all deleted files from corrupted storage devices as well as lost files from other storage devices. The program provides three recovery modes, including Recover Deleted Files, Salvage All Files and Explore A Drive.

With FileSalvage, you can conduct a comprehensive scan to locate the lost files on partition. If the program detects any lost files, it will show a list of files to help you copy lost files to a new location. In addition, FileSalvage offers you a preview of available files, such as images, audio, videos, etc before restoring them. The feature of previewing MPG and WMV files is shown the middle panel while 3GP files can be seen in hexadecimal form.

FileSalvage has a visual interface which makes it easier to use for all user levels. The program can be compatible with multiple storage devices, such as digital camera, portable hard drives, boot disk, USB, floppy drives, etc.
Main features of FileSalvage:

-    Use with ease.
-    Recover hard drives.
-    Recover data from any storage devices.
-    Recover everything.
-    Preview files before recovery.

Updated date: 07/08/2014

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