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Firebug is an application that supports user in designing Website and editing interface HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It is also a means of detecting and debugging source code of various Websites.

Firebug supports in viewing in detail such background parameters as javascript, XML, HttpRequest, ect, and error mesages or warnings. If you want to see a specific component, just simply click on Option and view its properties.

This utility has the ability to display HTML code of web pages that is being accessed; therefore, you can view entirely source code of various Websites on the Internet such as html tags of interface, style elements and CSS of that interface. Users are also allowed to edit HTML and FireFox will display the final result immediately.

In addition, when you can directly edit CSS, website’s Interface will change immediately. This function enables you to edit HTML interface or cut Layout for Website without any other supports to save your time and effort.

Main features of Firebug:

- Edit and design Website.

Firebug is integrated in Firefox to support users checking, editing and designing Website via HTML code editor. The software displays a window at the bottom of the website being checked or a separate window for user to view entirely source code of the website, thus they can edit website appropriately. This is a very useful tool for web designer and blogger in settings  HTML for private Web pages conveniently.

- View detailed information of Website.

The application allows users to view information of related files used in websites such as file names, domain, loading time, loading order.

- View and edit HTML.

Parameters in HTML are organized in different colors visually. This utility allows users to easily change properties and their values, user can customize specific components and have immediate results.

- Preview colors and images in the CSS.

Firebug shows visually each property in CSS. These values ​​will be listed in detail in alphabet order. This is also a great support for changing numerical values.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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