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Tony Nguyen

Flash2X EXE Packager has the ability to package Flash files into an EXE file without referring the help of any supporting software. This application supports both two types of Flash formats, including SWF and FLV that bring you easy and effective flash presentations.

Flash2X EXE Packager supports users in combining Flash files into only one EXE file to watch them easily. The list of videos can be added or removed anytime you want. Only by browsing Flash files from computer folders and move them directly to the program, can you create EXE files with the ability to broadcast videos with high quality.          

Flash2X EXE Packager controls music and video players through pop-up menu in Flash player. Users also allow establishing parameters and adjusting the size of Flash player. The feature of protecting File Flash movie from the hard drives is also integrated. The program also provides a variety of themes for Flash presentation.

Flash2X EXE Packager is a useful tool to distribute and protect copyright of your Flash products, protect your USB and Flash videos coming from drives on the system.

Main features of Flash2X EXE Packager:

- Combine Flash (SWF) and flash files (FLV) into only one EXE file
- Watch Flash files effectively and easily.
- Convert mass files at a high speed.
- Customize Flash file view modes in Flash player
- Protect File Flash movies
- Support distributing and protecting copyright with Flash products

Updated date: 04/11/2014

Download Flash2X EXE Packager
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