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Folder Access Pro is a tool bringing to user amazing utilities with the ability to lock files and folders in your hard disk effectively. Especially, Folder Access Pro enables you to protect your important documents by encoding them with password.

You often use computer with other people in your office, or you have to share some important files with your friends and family, but you are worried of those important files being leaking out. Folder Access Pro is the solution for you. It is considered as most effective absolute security tools for your files.

Folder Access Pro is a tool providing you the ability to lock files and folders. Thanks to Folder Access Pro, you can protect your personal data and important documentary. Isn’t it amazing? You can completely assured that your data will be protected from intrusion, even from virus’ attack

Folder Access Pro si designed with simple and easy-to-use interface for every user. This tool helps you to keep your data and personal information safely. Within a few simple steps, you can protect your data by dragging files and folders to the program’s icon to lock them.

Folder Access Pro is easily installed as well, after finishing the installation and integration of the utility to right-menu, you just have to click the folder and choose Lock Folder and finalize by typing your password.

Folders in your hard disk now will be completely safeguarded thanks to Folder Access Pro. Anyone wants to access those folders will receive a notification to enter the password. Additionally, Folder Access Pro allows you to unlock your data by choosing that folder again, right-clicking, choosing Unlock Folder and typing the password.

Main features of Folder Access Pro:

- Absolutely protect files and folders on computer by setting password for them.

Folder Access Pro is an amazing application for individuals, small enterprises to keep data safe and protect them by setting password for files, folders in their computer.

- Allow encoding and decoding files on hard disk and Flash disk.

- Help you keep your data and personal information safe.

Folder Access Pro helps you keep data and personal information safe. Within a few simple steps of dragging files/folders to program’s icon, you already lock your important data on your system

- Prevent intrusion, even from virus’ attack.

The utility after being installed will be integrated to right-menu for users’ convenience. You just need to right click your folder that you want to protect and choose Lock Folder and type the password. Furthermore, the utility’s design is very smart, it can prevent all intrusion by not allowing deleting locked files, even from virus’ attack.

- Most effective absolute security tools for your files

- Easy-to-use and visual interface

The utility is designed with pretty simple interface for every user, even for those who has little experience on computer. Features of this tool is placed right on the main screen, you can easily use it to protect your important data.

- Small capacity and compatible with nearly all operating systems.

Updated date: 10/25/2013

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