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Foxit PDF Editor is the most powerful PDF-editing program, it allows you to edit all content in your PDF documents by choosing, adding, changing, duplicating and inserting documents, images and graphics etc.

PDF is a popular file format, which allows downloading Internet’s documents in its original format. Unlike documents saved in Word, Excel etc are easily edited right after downloading, PDF does not accept these tasks, and you extract content with only specific software.

Foxit PDF Editor is a tool that edits PDF file content. It allows adding texts, images, removing spare contents as well as drawing and rotating PDF file.

If you are willing to write new documents on PDF file, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to change text font options, colors, sizes and move it to somewhere you want on page. Foxit has no limit in number of pages.

Foxit PDF Editor is able to restore all editing tasks: add, delete, edit, etc. after you don’t satisfy with your file-making process. It also copies contents between PDF files easily.

With its intuitive GUI, multi-language support feature and its small size on computer’s memory space, Foxit PDF Editor can serve all users immediately after being installed. Its features are also deployed flexibly, reasonably just with several simple clicks.

Foxit PDF Editor’s main features:

- Edit current PDF files or make new ones

- Display PDF files with detailed properties, work well with Adobe Reader.

- Enlarge or resize screen.

- Add new pages or delete totally.

- Adjust text font, colors; edit, delete or insert new documents into old ones.

- Insert images in bitmap format files.

- Change image properties for illustrated objects.

- Restore editing process (insert, delete, change) that you have done.

- Copy, inset text/images to other applications on Windows.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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