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Foxit Reader is a software to help you read and print a PDF file. It also enables you to create new, share, and create password protection for your PDF file.

Foxit Reader allows you to open a PDF file immediately to read or print whenever you want.  In addition, you can also create new, share it, and set the password protection for your PDF files.  Foxit Reader is the rival of the famous PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Foxit Reader - Read PDF files

You can open a web page right after you click on an available URL on your PDF files. Foxit Reader can do that because it integrates the built-in Trust Manager feature, it also helps block JavaScript codes to make the screen clearer for viewing.

Furthermore, with the built-in tools in Foxit Reader, you can easily work with PDF files such as rotate, reverse, zoom in/out, or share these PDF files to the internet.  Foxit Reader also has such features as Bookmark, searching text in PDF files, on hard disk, folders, and the internet.  You can also read several PDF files at the same time to compare and work more conveniently.

Main features of Foxit Reader

- Read PDF files:

+ Clean and intuitive user interface. The program has ribbon menu bar with different tools such as rotate, reverse, zoom in/out, etc.

+ You can open a PDF file rapidly without affecting the computer's

+ Read, print, search files from the existing PDF list on the computer.

+ Open multiple PDF files simultaneously. Different documents will be opened on separated tabs
to help improve the efficiency of the work. These tabs can be moved by
the mouse or functional keys on the keyboard.

+ Foxit Reader allows you to add new, edit, or remove the bookmarks on the
PDF files.

+ Create sound when moving: You can listen to and create movement sound when
working with PDF files.

- Create new PDF files:

+ Create a new PDF file to meet the standard and work with Foxit or other
PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

+ Support drag/drop files.

+ Scan a paper document and save as PDF file.

+ Add media files to PDF files: You can add images or videos to your PDF files to make them more lively and attractive to others.

+ Set up key words: By setting up key words for PDF files, you can easily find them
basing on the key words.

+ Support Undo/Redo functions: These functions allow you to redo the previous manipulations with the PDF file
or recover the manipulations that you undo. You can use these two functions to
return to the faulty steps or create a PDF file in a
completely new style compared to the previous one.

- Share PDF files:

+ Foxit Reader allows you to share PDF files to the Internet, forums, or
social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

+ Attach PDF file to email.

+ Save and send an email right from the program interface.

+ Create notes and bookmark PDF files

+ Manage other's comments' Foxit Reader helps you manage all the comments
on your PDF files and import/export these comments as a PDF file to send via email.

+ Create signature for PDF files.

+ Easily attach a file to PDF file.

+ Integrate drawing tools such as circle, rectangle, arrow, etc. to the files.

- Create password to protect files:

+ By employing ASLR and DEP encryption algorithms, you can create password to protect your PDF files from unauthorized printing or copying.

+ Apply signature under ISO 32000 to avoid fake signature
to copy the information.

+ Customize the options to disable JavaScript codes.

- Insert Watermark:

Foxit Reader allows you to create watermark on your PDF files.  You can also save image or your real signature to insert to the documents.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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