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Foxit Reader Portable is a lightweight software developed to help user read PDF files easily. Besides, Foxit Reader Portable can also annotate or add information and notes to the documents.

Foxit Reader Portable is developed in a way that allows you to use anytime and anywhere. Foxit Reader Portable will be a perfect choice for those who often work with projects, enterprises, state agencies, or educational institutions and have to read or create PDF files.

Compare to the full version, Foxit Reader Portable is much smaller and lightweight. However, Foxit Reader Portable can read PDF files easily and allow users to edit this type of files. Like the full version Foxit Reader, this software also allows user to add notes, information, or share the files on online storage websites and social networks. With this feature, user can sign in their account, select text (paragraph) from PDF fiels and share it on Facebook or Twitter status. Foxit Reader Portable also have multi tab option. This feature allows user to open several documents on separate tabs instead of opening different windows.

Main features of Foxit Reader Portable:

- Easy to use and no need to install
- Provide some edition functions
- Allow user to share files on internet
- Be more lightweight than the original version
- Allow user to upgrade new version easily without installation.
- Open several PDF documents simultaneously.
- Support unpopular languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.
- Embed music and movie to PDF files.
- Zoom in and out the text.
- Integrate digital signature authentication technology: Foxit Reader Portable adopts the digital signature authentication technology for PDF files to ensure that the signature is correct and the document and the signature are not compromised.  This new method offers safer and more reliable platform to exchange electronic documents and protect users from the risks of receiving forged documents. Like the original version, Foxit Reader Portable also has password protection function to protect files from being edited by others. Foxit Reader Portable can also zoom the text. Users can zoom in the text to read more easily.

Compare to other software of the same features like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader Portable is much more lightweight. Furthermore, Foxit Reader Portable does not occupy much computer resources as its total size is not bigger than 10MB. In addition, Foxit Reader Portable does not use much RAM and CPU for reading PDF files like Adobe Reader.  Foxit Reader Portable also allows user to open several documents simultaneously, so it becomes much easier to use this software.

Foxit Reader Portable does not require any installation. Users just have to download the file and run it directly to use the software as it automatically integrates with the system.  When you do not want to use it, you can delete all the folders containing Foxit Reader Portable. If you want to upgrade to the new version, you can download the latest Foxit Reader Portable version and paste it to the directory without worrying about the system conflict.
At present, Foxit Reader Portable has released a new version with lots of impressive features such as the compatibility with Windows 8 of Microsoft. Complete the limitations of previous versions such as: Improving the speed for reading and creating PDF files, providing more convenient editing functions.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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