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Kevin Pham

Free AVFileCrypter is a software which protects files and folders on your computer. By using password encryption mechanism for those files and folders, your data will be kept safety and be able to avoid any losses.

Free AVFileCrypter will encrypt selected files or folders to .A2V format. .A2V files or folders can only be opened if you enter the correct password which you have created earlier. You only need to choose your files or folders, enter your preferred password, then Free AVFileCrypter will do the remaining works to ensure the safety of your files.

Free AVFileCrypter is deeply integrated into the “right click” system of Windows, which allows you to easily access the software wherever and whenever you want while using Windows OS. It will help you save a lot of time because you do not need to access the software from your desktop screen to set protection for your files and folders anymore.

With Free AVFileCrypter, all the files or folders of yours, even the smallest ones, will be protected. The files or folders can be some photos, a few videos, some important documents or compressed files, etc. Once they have been encrypted by Free AVFileCrypter, no-one would be able to see your files but you. Therefore, this software deserves a place in your computer.
Main features of Free AVFileCrypter:

-    Encrypt data to .A2V format with password protection
-    Encrypt any files or folders
-    Deeply integrated into Windows, can be accessed anytime by using right mouse click

Updated date: 10/08/2013

Free Download Free AVFileCrypter
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