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Free Window Sweeper is a tool for erasing all internet history, namely browser history, cookies, index.dat files, visited WebPages, etc and computer activities.

Free Window Sweeper allows you to securely delete all trace of online activities and other computer activities. It is easy to use with a visual and simple interface. With a single mouse click, you can erase all internet browser history, cookies, index.dat files, visited pages, caches, list of download files and many. In addition, Free Window Sweeper is used for safely removing users’ data.

Free Window Sweeper is smoothly compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. It also allows you to save cookie files from helpful WebPages while erasing other unnecessary cookies completely. You are able to select a safe way to delete all traces completely. The procedure for removal is just in seconds but you should think twice before removal as you don’t have a second chance to recover data.     

Main features of Free Window Sweeper:

- Remove all traces of online activities and other computer activities.
- Delete all Recycle Bin and clipboards of Windows.
- Allow to keep necessary cookies while erasing others.
- Speedy removal.
- Offer no backup mechanism, so be careful before deleting data.

Updated date: 11/07/2013

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