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Tony Nguyen

Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a tool that erases all junk files on your computer efficiently. Free Windows Cleanup Tool allows you to search and remove entire junk files and enhance computer’s performance, avoid defragmentation, erase web-browsing history, cookies etc.

Free Windows Cleanup Tool is the service tool that helps you to clean up and optimize your computer, enhance Windows performance with simple manipulations. By doing this task frequently, you can bring benefits to your computer’s performance.

Every time you browse the webs or utilize computers’ applications, your operating tracks are recorded on the hard disk and take considerable capacity on her disk. Now, with the help of Free Windows Cleanup Tool, you will totally set your mind at rest as this tool helps you to erase perfectly tracks and restoring software will be unable to restore evidences.

Free Windows Cleanup Tool includes range of features, including hard disk defragmentation features for Windows’s Registry, which is vital to maintain your computer. This tool also integrates a customized list to add files, folders for scanning and removing

Free Windows Cleanup Tool’s main features:

- Remove entire junk files on your computer rapidly and effectively.
-Make sure that there is no way to restore deleted files.
- Erase browsing history, cache memory, cookies etc.
- Make hard disk’s capacity free and enhance performance of computers’ system.
- Defragmentation feature Registry, requires users to backup before deploying.
- Simple and user-friendly GUI.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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