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Tony Nguyen

FreeDuplicatedRemover is the software that supports searching and removing duplicated data files on your computers. Therefore, your time of manually searching is lessen and yet, increase the storage space on hard drive

FreeDuplicatedRemover automatically do scanning the computer’s folders which you are looking for duplicated files. Meanwhile, it also displays total number of found files with each file’s location navigator. When completely scanned, the software would automatically remove files those you choose to be deleted.

FreeDuplicatedRemover runs more efficiently by contrasting with same type ones. For its highest performance, it requires CPU speed and system memory. The time to complete scanning process and remove duplicated data files also depend on your computer’s hard drive capacity

It is undoubted that the work of searching duplicated files and folders on computer consumes large amount of time, sometimes it’s impossible to find all files on computers with large amount of data storage. FreeDuplicatedRemover must be the best application you shouldn’t ignore.

Key features of FreeDuplicatedRemover:

_The tool made for searching and removing completely duplicated data files
_Easy manually software, just a few clicks to find and remove duplicated files on hard drive
_Supporting various formats: AVI, BAT, BMP, DAT, DOC, DLL, FLV, EXE, DOC, WMV, WMA .etc.
_You would not only find out certain file, the system would scan whole folders for you so that you can choose from the list of duplicated files and remove as wanted

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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