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Tony Nguyen

FreeMind helps you draw mind maps effectively. Particularly, FreeMind also enables you to draft and develop your thinking capability.

If you have a new idea, develop an already-known matter, or simply synthesize your learned knowledge, etc., FreeMind will help you solve those matters quickly and effectively.

FreeMind allows you to draw mind maps to draft and develop your thinking. Moreover, by using FreeMind, you will be able to express all your creative thinking without facing any obstructions.

FreeMind enables you to work constantly with new creative abilities in learning, working, etc., or more simply to manage what you have known or possessed, etc. FreeMind is designed with modern algorithm, has high operating speed, and is favored by many users. In addition, FreeMind can be operated on almost all operating systems.

Key features of FreeMind:

- Support you to draw mind maps effectively.
- Help you draft matters and develop your thinking capability.
- Enable you to express all your creative thinking without any obstructions.
- Have a intuitive, simple and user-friendly interface.
- Have a high mind map drawing speed to help you improve work performance.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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