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FreeOTFE supports users to secure data by creating virtual drives and encrypting the whole information relating to file or hard drive region by the most modern algorithm. It can create many virtual drives simultaneously and encode files with large size.

The software enables to create one or more virtual drives on PC or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA. Virtual drives are worked as a copy of the original one. However, all data are encrypted for secure purposes. Therefore, the information are safe before it is saved on hard drives.

This utility uses many code function (Hash) such as SHA-512, RIPEMD-160, Tiger and the most algorithm such as AES, Blowfish, CAST5/ CAST6, DES/ Triple DES, MARS, RC6, Twofish and code modes such as CBC, LRW and XTS. All supports combine to make a secure environment for data.

The program supports to encode file types such as one File, one region or the whole hard drive. It also encrypt FAT32 drive and file size is up to 4 GB.

Main functions of FreeOTFE:

-    Create and encode virtual drives.
-    Provide protected password.
-    Mobile use.

-    Support multi-language.

Updated date: 11/12/2013

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