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Gadwin PrintScreen is a completely free software that allows you to take screenshots of your working window to save on the computer or print into paper.

Gadwin PrintScreen enables users to take screenshots of working windows without pressing PrintSceen buttons or using other image processing applications. The software provides users with different screenshot-taking modes. You can take screenshots of a full-screen, a working window or a rectangle zone. Especially, you can use dragging manipulation to move and resize the rectangle zone needing to be taken screenshots.

Gadwin PrintScreen also allows you to use short-cut keys on the keyboard to carry out manipulations. The program can also hide unnecessary icons on the screen needing to be taken screenshots. Besides, you can set the time for automatically taking screenshots of the working window.

Gadwin PrintScreen also supplies users with tools for editing their images. Users can cut, zoom out, zoom in, add water-polo, dim, or grey effects, etc. to their images.

Images will be saved on the computer under diverse formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIF. In addition, Gadwin PrintScreen also provides tools for users to print or send their images via email directly from the program’s interface.

Key features of Gadwin PrintScreen:

- Take screenshots with various modes
- Set timing mode
- Adjust size and position of zones for taking screenshots
- Edit and add effects for images
- Hide unnecessary icons on the screen taken screenshots
- Save images on the computer under diverse formats
- Print images into paper or send them via email

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Gadwin PrintScreen
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