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GameThrust is software supporting in increasing computer’s efficiency to play game more effectively. With this application, you will be able to enjoy amazing game by computer with low configuration.

GameThrust supports in increasing efficiency of computer by optimizing internet software, improving memory and CPU’s power, setting modes that are suitable to computer at various configurations; and thus it improve your game level.

GameThrust is integrated to advanced programming algorithm, it helps user to search and set parameters appropriately, improve Internet connection and improve their computer.

This is a perfect tool for adjusting system’s process, closing unnecessary applications and services that are running in background on Windows, clear Ram and increase processing efficiency of computer to focus resource on game.

Main features of this software:

- Increase efficiency of computer:

GameThrust will automatically search unnecessary activities on Windows and pause them; control all parameter that are related to CPU, RAM, and improve Internet connection in order to accelerate download speed and game speed. This software has the ability to increase efficiency of accessing Internet up to 200%.

- Support various transmission path:

This utility is compatible with various types of Internet transmission such as low speed Diup, ADSL, Local Network, Wireless, ect. After installing and choosing operating system, this application will quickly scan and analyze the transmission path, clear obstacles that have impact on Internet access and game downloading.

-Effective and quick setting:

After optimizing system and internet connection, you need to restart operating system and then play game, you will see the speed is improve clearly.

- Support nearly all operating systems:

Even with low configuration, this software also supports in increasing the efficiency maximally. GameThrust will adjust parameters to fit the game, simultaneously diagnose and fix any error that impacts on internet access. With this support, user can be totally secured when playing game without worrying about crashing or slow internet connect that can impacts on you victory.

Updated date: 10/24/2013

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 We compile the Introduction and usage guidance about GameThrust software with the purpose to provide you more information for reference, if you download gamethrust, that is in your discretion. We shall not take any responsibility for problems arising (if any) during the installation and use of the software. See [Terms and Conditions] for more details.
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